Gum Lift Westlake Hills TX

Excess gum tissue, often referred to as a “gummy smile,” can be a cosmetic concern for many of our Westlake Hills TX patients. Although excess gum tissue doesn’t pose any oral health risks, it can significantly impact the aesthetics of your smile. To address this, we offer gum lifts near Westlake Hills TX, a highly effective and state-of-the-art procedure that can transform your smile by gently removing unwanted gum tissue and creating a more pleasing and even gum line.

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Is Gum Contouring Right for You?

Gum lifts are gentle treatments that can provide dramatic results, which is why it’s often an ideal first step for Westlake Hills TX patients considering a smile makeover. Gum lifts are perfect for addressing various cosmetic concerns, including short or small teeth and crooked or asymmetrical smiles. Using this straightforward and conservative procedure, we can create the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

During a gum lift, I’ll reshape your gumline using a gentle laser to precisely remove excess gum tissue surrounding your teeth. Although this procedure is usually focused on enhancing the aesthetics of your smile, in some cases it may also be medically necessary to reduce the risk of periodontal disease. Gum contouring is extremely safe and provides permanent results–once the excess gum is removed, it won’t regenerate.

Before starting the procedure, I’ll administer a local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable throughout the process. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the gum lift, and any minor tenderness that might occur after the procedure should subside within a few days. Afterward, I’ll guide you through the recovery process and provide tips on how to reduce any discomfort or swelling that may occur.

Transform Your Smile at Glint

Whether you’d like to sculpt an uneven gum line or address concerns like gum recession, I’ll take the time to discuss the procedure with you and outline what you can expect from it. If you’re interested in additional ways to improve the appearance of your smile, we can explore other cosmetic procedures that will complement your needs and goals. In addition to cosmetic dentistry, I also specialize in general and restorative dentistry and provide concierge services to make your dental care more convenient. 

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