Dental Fillings Westlake Hills TX

At Glint, we offer dental fillings to help our patients in Westlake Hills TX repair damaged teeth and regain their confident smiles. Whether your teeth have been affected by decay or injury, I understand the impact it can have on the functionality and appearance of your smile, as well as your psychological well-being. Tooth-colored dental fillings not only restore the full function of your tooth but also preserve the natural aesthetics of your smile.

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Natural-Looking Dental Fillings for Restorative & Cosmetic Concerns

When a tooth becomes damaged due to decay or injury, it creates an opportunity for harmful bacteria to infiltrate the pulp chamber. Over time, this can cause infections and the need for root canal therapy. Dental fillings seal off and support the damaged tooth while restoring its functionality. In cases where you need a large filling, we may also recommend a crown to provide additional support to the remaining tooth structure.

Tooth-colored fillings can be made to match the shade of your teeth perfectly. They’re very durable, and unlike metal fillings, they’re more resistant to temperature changes. Not only does this make them a more comfortable option, but it safeguards your teeth from small cracks that can occur with metal fillings when they expand and contract with changes in temperature. 

Although cavities are one of the most common reasons for dental fillings, they can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such as repairing chips, cracks, broken teeth, and worn teeth, as well as restoring teeth after root canal treatment. I can also replace traditional metal fillings with tooth-colored ones that seamlessly blend with your natural smile. 

Comprehensive & Convenient Dental Care

At Glint, I offer a full range of dental services to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile, including general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry. I understand your time is valuable, which is why I offer concierge dentistry as an additional service to make your care as convenient as possible. Whether you need night or weekend appointments or you’d like to schedule a private visit, I’m happy to accommodate you. 

If you need dental fillings in Westlake Hills, schedule an appointment at our Austin dental office. I’ll give you a comprehensive exam and go over your treatment options. Let us help you shine with confidence–contact us today at (512) 653-4009 or book a visit online