Oral Sedation Austin TX

Visiting the dentist can be a source of stress for many patients, which is why we offer oral sedation for dental procedures at our Austin TX dental spa. As someone who experienced traumatic dentist visits as a child, I understand how important it is to feel comfortable while receiving the care you need. Sedation dentistry can be a fabulous tool, whether you’d like to overcome dental anxiety or simply feel more comfortable during procedures. 

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How Can Sedation Dentistry Make Your Dental Care More Comfortable?

Dental anxiety and phobias are among the most common reasons patients put off or avoid dental care. Understandably, traumatic or painful experiences can cause some patients to avoid the dentist completely; however, this often leads to worsening dental health and more severe issues than if they’d been going to the dentist consistently. 

Oral sedation dentistry involves using oral sedatives to help reduce Austin TX patients’ fear and anxiety during dental procedures. It’s very effective and can be an important step in changing the way you view dentistry and dental procedures. 

You’ll be given a small pill to take about an hour before your appointment. Once the sedative takes effect, you’ll start to feel drowsy and lose track of time. One of the benefits of this is that a three-hour appointment can feel like it’s over in minutes. You may fall asleep during the procedure or forget parts of your visit, however, you’ll still be able to respond to questions and stimuli. Unlike nitrous oxide (laughing gas), the effects don’t wear off quickly, so you will need a family member or friend to drive you to and from the appointment. 

Comfortable, Personalized Care in a Relaxing Spa-Like Environment

Everyone deserves dental care that’s comfortable and stress-free. At Glint, we focus on providing care that meets your needs, whether you have dental anxiety or are interested in minimally invasive procedures. Our relaxing office is designed to make you feel at home, with a range of amenities and customized services tailored to you. 

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