Biomimetic Dentistry Austin TX

Biomimetic dentistry is ideal for Austin TX patients who are interested in preserving their natural teeth and treating oral health concerns before they require more invasive restorative procedures. This conservative approach can be a welcome relief for those who would like to avoid procedures that remove excessive amounts of healthy tooth structure or costly treatments. 

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What is Biomimetics?

When a tooth becomes damaged from trauma or decay, it’s more susceptible to issues like cavities or infections. In traditional dentistry, the solution would be to use a filling to repair the tooth, and in some instances, a crown. In contrast, biomimetic dentistry would focus on eliminating the bacteria and addressing the issues that caused the cavity in the first place.

Traditional fillings typically weaken and deteriorate over time, which can allow bacteria to enter the pulp chamber, leading to root canal infections. With biomimetic dentistry, our Austin TX dental spa would use natural-looking biocompatible materials and bonding techniques to seal the tooth and prevent infection. The goal is to preserve the structure of your existing tooth, rather than removing parts of it. 

With biomimetics, the need to remove teeth or remove healthy parts of a tooth for fillings, crowns, or other procedures is dramatically reduced. It’s essentially a “less is more approach” that strives to address oral health concerns in a minimalist, non-invasive, and non-toxic way before more intrusive methods are needed. As a result, many biomimetic dentistry techniques are more comfortable, less time-consuming, and less expensive than traditional procedures. 

Keep Your Natural Teeth Healthy at Glint

At Glint, we’re committed to keeping your natural teeth healthy for as long as possible. A beautiful, healthy smile is important for your confidence, as well as your overall health and wellness. As a biomimetic dentist, I use a variety of biomimetic materials and non-invasive techniques to help you look and feel your very best. I look forward to giving your smile the gentle treatment and care it deserves. Book an appointment to learn more about biomimetics and the world of positive dentistry.